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Ay up! I want to help you get your socials on the right track!

Social Media Management

  • Handle the Hassle: I manage your accounts, keeping your social presence active and professional.
  • Save Time: Free up your time to focus on your work, not on posting updates.

Social Media Content Creation

  • Showcase Your Skills: I create visuals and videos that highlight your craftsmanship.
  • Attract Attention: Engage potential customers with compelling content that makes your work stand out.

Social Media Branding

  • Brand Voice Development: Klir Online ensures a consistent and recognisable tone across all client communications.
  • Logo and Graphic Design: We create distinctive logos and graphics to strengthen the client’s brand identity on social media.

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Klir Online’s social media marketing agency specialises in promoting trade businesses like yours on various social media platforms. I will handle tasks such as content creation, audience engagement, analytic tracking to boost your brand’s visibility and drive customer engagement.

Social media marketing and advertising from Klir Online can significantly benefit your trade business by increasing brand awareness, attracting potential customers, generating leads, and fostering relationships with existing clients. Our tailored strategies aim to showcase your work, highlight testimonials, and keep you top-of-mind among your target audience.

The cost of social media marketing services from Klir Online varies depending on factors such as the scope of services, the size of your business, the platforms you want to target, and our pricing model (monthly retainer). We offer transparent pricing and discuss options tailored to your budget and needs.

While results can vary, you can expect to see significant results from our social media marketing and advertising efforts within a few weeks to months. Increased engagement, website traffic, and leads are common outcomes, but achieving long-term success often requires consistent effort and strategic planning.

Depending on your agreement with Klir Online, we may offer content creation services, handle posting schedules, manage campaigns, and engage with your audience on your behalf. However, your input, feedback, and access to relevant resources can help tailor the content to your brand’s voice and goals.

The most suitable social media platforms for your trade business depend on factors such as your target audience demographics, the type of services you offer, and industry trends. Klir Online can help you identify and prioritise platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, to maximize your online presence and engagement.

Yes, our social media marketing and advertising services allow you to target specific demographics, interests, and geographic locations, making it an effective tool for reaching potential customers in your locality. Through targeted advertising and localized content, we can engage with the audience most likely to be interested in your services.

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Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success

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