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We provide online marketing solutions, and we think outside of the box. Each client is a new business connection, which we collaborate and support throughout their continued successful growth.

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Little Miss Party Planner
Klir Online and the team are amazing. I find their deliverance and professionalism outstanding. I have just used them to do my social media review and I was just so impressed with the presentation and personalisation, so much so that I hired them to help manage my socials so it can free up my time to invest in other aspects of the business.
Highly recommended, keep up the amazing work!

Natalie- Founder

Open Spaces

Equality Foss

Great to work with Klir Online which provided excellent friendly and expert advice, would recommend it as a choice provider for social media support.

Clive- Founder

Natures Love Products
what can I say about Klir Online? I asked them about a year ago when I did one of her social media marketing courses to be my social media manager. Although they gave me all the confidence that I needed, she was passionate, and I knew They would be consistent, and it would allow me to get on with the bits I enjoyed doing. I said I would wait as long as it took, lol, then they said YES.
I feel lighter, focused, excited about seeing how They has put the content together. I can honestly say it has changed my business flow for the better. We all appreciate your passion, reliability, and love for your job

Helena Founder

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